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Resolute, 2012, in transit

July 25, 2012

Fieldwork has its challenges which requires much patience, and in the Arctic one of those times is when you get weathered in. After doing eider surveys in Cape Dorset and Frobisher Bay I headed further north to do a short 3 weeks stint at Prince Leopold Island (PLI). To get to PLI you fly to […]

Frobisher Bay, 2012, iced out

July 24, 2012

In the north we not only have to contend with all the usual marine conditions such as tides, winds, etc. but must also factor ice into the equation as well. And this year, although Iqaluit has been enjoying 20Ā°C weather, Frobisher Bay is still very much locked in ice. After 3 days of being out […]

Frobisher Bay, 2012, eider colony surveys

July 24, 2012

After surveying islands for eider nests in the Cape Dorset region Jon and I headed to Iqaluit and Frobisher Bay to do the same protocol there. We teamed up with Siu-Ling, Jason, Nancy and Loasieto target islands that had been surveyed previously in 2002 to try to look for changes in eiders using the Frobisher […]

Cape Dorset, 2012, summer surveys

July 16, 2012

Eider ducks breed on small low lying islands along most of the expansive Arctic coastline. Females make a nest cup of their own breast feathers and lay 2 to 6 eggs that she then incubatesĀ  before the chicks hatch out about 28 days later. It is during this time when the females are sitting on […]