ArcticNet Annual Science Meeting – Inaugural Mentor Award, 2013, Halifax

Each year ArcticNet holds it Annual Science Meeting where many of the researchers who work in northern Canada come to exchange ideas, catch up on research plans and share results. The ArcticNet meeting in Halifax, in December 2013, marked the 9th year that ArcticNet has been bringing Arctic researchers in Canada together. And each year the meeting changes and grows as programs develop over time.

This year at ArcticNet, I was immensely proud to be part of another first, the introduction of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) Canada – ArcticNet Student Association (ASA) Mentor Award. At APECS we have been thinking about creating a mentor award for some time now, but this fall an opportunity for APECS Canada to make this happen, and I just had to seize the moment. Early career polar researchers in Canada are particularly privileged to work with a number of amazing mentors that inspire and enable us to work in polar research. Many of them are recognized for their efforts, and many of them are not. The purpose of this award was to make sure that those who help us along know how much we respect and value their support. As one of the founding committee members of this award it was my honor to introduce this new annual award during the ArcticNet banquet.

Winner small

To present the award to the inaugural winner long time APECS and ASA members who helped create the award, Nikolaus Gantner and Lisa Loseto, were called upon. And the winner is ………

Award small

Eric Loring, who currently works for Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK) has been a long time supporter of early career researchers in Canada. For that matter Eric has been a long term supporter of all those who strive for excellence in northern studies! Although I have not worked with Eric directly, he is a familiar face. He takes part in the ASA student days each year. He is always an active member in the sessions that he attends. He also works closely with our programs, such as the Northern Contaminants Program, to recognize excellence in Inuit Partnership. Not only is Eric recognized as an amazing and supportive leader amongst the students, after the award ceremony I lost count of the people from all disciplines and levels who came up to me and said that the award was a wonderful idea, and that we couldn’t have picked a better inaugural winner.

Congratulations Eric!!

With all the success and positive feedback we are already getting lots of ideas for next years award. The mentor award will now be given out annually at the ArcticNet Meetings. The award is selected through and open nominations process (of which you can learn more about here ( We look forward to reading all the submission, and in recognizing another great mentor in Canada next year!


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