Cape Dorset, Commnuity meetings, 2013

This winter, although I didn’t do any field work I was invited to take part in some community meetings in Cape Dorset, Nunavut. We arrived on a beautiful March afternoon under windy but clear conditions. One of the side effects of all the wind is that all the new ice has been broken up, creating massive areas of water near town.

For this trip we are being hosted by the local Area C0-Management  Committee who meet to discuss local conservation issues and concerns.Part of the community meetings are to share some of the results of our past studies. Here is Sam presenting what have been doing during all those boats trips from town.

And of course, while we were inside the sun was shining outside, and it was absolutely glorious. Figures!

Community meetings also often mean community get togethers, which means food. After we report and discuss the knitty gritty details with the committee we also share our results with the wider community during an open house event. This is all organized by the committee vice-chair (the Canadian Wildlife Service), and includes Arctic char and other tasty treats. People come to eat, but they also come to view posters and meet researchers working in the area.

In the north, everyone loves to look at maps, especially when they are full of information. Here, Bill Kemp shares some maps that have plotted how the people of Cape Dorset have used the land around town over the last several generations.

And of course, during community meetings you get to visit with friends.  Here are a few of the ladies in the community wearing amautis. These are great jackets Inuit women wear that the children can ride around in and stay close and warm.

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