Plastics and contaminants, studying the link

February 20, 2016

The overall research objective that I find myself continually, and increasingly, drawn to is how wildlife are affected by, and deal with cumulative effects. In wildlife for example we are concerned about how contaminants may affect birds (see here for more on mercury and birds). Additionally,  for many birds we are also concerned with the impacts from the habitat […]

East Bay Island, featured by Ducks Unlimited’s Conservator

March 7, 2015

Ducks Unlimited is one of the funders of the work that we do on East Bay Island looking at the cumulative effects of parasites and contaminants on eider ducks. This month they are featuring the work in the Ducks Unlimited publication, the Conservator. Read more about how Ducks Unlimited is supporting work examining how […]

East Bay Island, 2013, banding season

July 19, 2013

All joking aside, East Bay Island is one of the world’s largest common eider colony in the world. Depending on the year between 4000 and 8000 pairs nest on the island during the summer months, starting when the island is still locked in endless ice in every direction. Grant started working on East Bay in […]

East Bay Island, 2013, blind work

July 10, 2013

East Bay Island is different from most other bird colonies I have worked at. Seabird colonies in the Arctic are on cliffs, and so the blinds we work in are situated along the edge of the colony and you just walk up the blind and take you place inside; the birds barely notice. But eider […]