East Bay, 2013, early season shorebirds

July 4, 2013

The camp located on East Bay Island was established as a camp to study the common eider duck. But, to be honest when you arrive on East Bay Island in late May/early June you may find this hard to believe.  In early June the island is a small area of exposed rock in a sea […]

East Bay Island, 2013, actually getting to camp

July 2, 2013

By the absence in posts over the last few weeks you can tell that even with all the challenges I finally did get to East Bay. This year because of the weather not cooperating the first crew arrived at East Bay Island via snowmachine from Coral Harbour, rather then the usual air arrival. After we […]

East Bay Island, 2013, plan W (though I have lost track…)

June 3, 2013

Well, plans don’t always go the way they are suppose to. Plan A was to travel from Iqaluit to East Bay on a twin otter on Friday May 24th. This would be the early crew that would help set up camp. Plan B was to try again the next day. About Plan M was sending […]

East Bay Island, 2013, getting to camp

May 25, 2013

Doing all the shopping and preparation in camp is part of the job of getting to camp, but it is not necessarily the hardest part.For the first crew that goes in each season getting all the gear is only part of the task.  The other part is playing the waiting game for good weather to […]