Cape Dorset, 2012, looking inside the ducks

May 29, 2012

So although duck hunting is a great excuse to be outside, see some sights and get out of the office, the real reason that we are here duck hunting is so we can take a look inside. We work with a number of researchers interested in different topics from wildlife disease to population dynamics, along […]

Cape Dorest, 2012, duck hunting

May 22, 2012

After getting to Cape Dorset, meeting with the local Hunters and Trappers Organization Board of Directors, organizing with the hunters, shopping for supplies, and waiting for the right weather and ice conditions we set out on the land to find the ducks.  The first couple days we set out by snow mobile zigzagging across the […]

Cape Dorset, 2012, early melt

May 19, 2012

We arrived in Cape Dorset this year the week before the May long weekend, almost exactly one year since we came last year. In 2011 we had a great set of collections. We would travel each day across the bay in front of town to the islands beyond where the eiders would fly over head.  […]

Cape Dorset, 2011

May 17, 2012

As I prepared to return to Cape Dorset, Nunavut for my second field season I have been reviewing what I did last year in order to prepare for this one. 2011 was my first year working in Dorset, and I was lucky enough to go with Sam, a lab mate of mine from Ottawa who […]