East Bay Island, 2013, actually getting to camp

By the absence in posts over the last few weeks you can tell that even with all the challenges I finally did get to East Bay. This year because of the weather not cooperating the first crew arrived at East Bay Island via snowmachine from Coral Harbour, rather then the usual air arrival. After we flew to Coral Harbour with all our gear, Frankie and Nik traveled over land via snow machine to East Bay Island. You can see in the picture below Jo driving the snowmachine, with Nik and Frankie in the back of the qamotiq (sled pulled behind the snowmachine).

Leaving Coral Harbour

A few days later when the weather had cleared and the camp crew could phone in weather updates I was able to follow with all the gear. I once again got into a plane crammed with stuff and made the short flight from Coral Harbour to East Bay Island on a beautiful sunny evening.

Flight to EBI

East Bay is a large bay on the eastern side of Southampton Island, but East Bay Island is only a small strip of land that when surrounded by ice can almost disappear into the white. By the time that I arrived on the island Nik, Frankie, Jo, Jupie and Siasie had already been there for a few days so camp set up was well underway. Although we have some small cabins on the island, several tents are set up to give us more room. From left to right in the picture below gear storage, a surgical tent, a food storage tent, and lastly a large kitchen tent where 12 can easily be cooked for and sit down at a single table. This may sound like a simple task but when the island is covered in snow like this everything must be dug out, as well as set up and unpacked.

East Bay Arrival

So although we often arrive at camps and need to immediately do a lot of work in order to open everything up this year I arrived after the first crew had done a lot of the hard work. By the time I actually got to camp the tents were up, the kitchen was running, the gear was already being moved to where it was needed. My arrival was marked by glorious sunshine, and friendly faces meeting me at the landing strip. After landing Frankie and drove the ATV into camp where I was met with Neil Young playing on the small speakers in the kitchen, while Lorelei was learning to prepare goose for dinner brought by some local hunters. So although I am not sure quite what plan we came in on (perhaps Z or was it BB?) the season East Bay Island has now begun, and my introduction to this small island I have heard so much about was quite surreal.

Arrivsl dinner

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