East Bay Island, 2013, plan W (though I have lost track…)

Well, plans don’t always go the way they are suppose to. Plan A was to travel from Iqaluit to East Bay on a twin otter on Friday May 24th. This would be the early crew that would help set up camp. Plan B was to try again the next day. About Plan M was sending Nik to Coral Harbour to try to get a team ready to get into camp via snowmobile. This at least got our team on the right island!

View Coral Harbour in a larger map

This we accomplished, but there was still a matter of all the gear. So, several dozen plans later and a deadline on the DC3 that was hauling a lot of our gear, we decided that we would take the DC3 and its load as far as Coral Harbour, the town just 30 km west of our camp. Then we would have a few more team members and most of our gear on the right island as well.


The DC3 can carry about 3 times the amount of gear and cargo that the smaller twin otter planes can. So we packed much of our gear into the plane, with the pilots leaving just a small aisle in the piles so that we could reach our seats.


Oh, did I mention that even the ATV got loaded up and strapped down. This does make navigating a bit awkward, but again at least we are getting closer.


The best part of flying on the DC3 is that they serve coffee.  Bonus!


Unfortunately, for most of the flight there was nothing but clouds, which is why we are heading to Coral Harbour, and not our camp at East Bay. But at least we will be closer. Once the skies clear about East Bay it will only take a couple of hours to ferry all the gear from Coral Harbour to East Bay using a smaller twin otter plane. Now all we need for this plan to work is some clear skies.


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