Training, 2012, firearms

Training week in Ottawa also means that we get to have our annual visit to the local firing range.  This year we were a group of 9 from several different field teams that will be heading north in the coming weeks. Since most of us have handled firearms before we start with a brief refresher on handling safety.


And it isn’t long before we get to step up to the line and take aim at our targets.  We start by shooting some bird shot to assess where we are hitting the targets and identify what we each may need to adjust to improve our accuracy (if you look closely you can see the white puffs of smoke that are left behind after each round is fired). Eye and ear protection is a must in these circumstances as the clatter that 5 shot guns makes is quite impressive.

Once the shooting is done, and the firearms are safely placed on the ground we approach the targets to see what we hit.  The spread of the shot tells us a lot about how we are shooting and if we have any tendencies to lean in one direction or the other. After the bird shot we move on to slugs, which is what we use as protection.  And then at the end we got to try some rubber bullets.  Again, we use these for protection, but after shooting bird shot and slugs the rubber bullets feel as light as air in the gun.


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